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How many times has this happened to you? You decide on the place you want to go on vacation destination, or try to revisit an old favorite spot, only to discover that everyone else on earth has decided to go there at the same time and there are no lodgings available for rent! Maybe you change your vacation time, possibly you change where you go on vacation or perhaps you just don't go at all. Imagine being able to drop everything and take off whenever you want, secure in the knowledge that when you reach your destination your lodgings will be ready and waiting, no matter when you arrive or how long you stay. This is the life for people who own their own property in Mexico or choose to offer their home, condo or villa as a private rental when it is vacant. Get away for a weekend, a week... or finally decide you want to swap out that three-piece suit for a Mexican serape full-time... it is time to live in Mexico!

Mexico Beachfront Villa Buying property in Mexico is actually quite simple. If you have a good real estate company or broker, the process will be very similar to buying private or commercial real estate in the United States. And to live in such a wide-ranging selection! Live permanently in a secluded beach cove? How about a condo in a luxury high-rise where you're waited on hand and foot? Possibly a mountain getaway is more your life style, or a spot by a lake where you can fish, boat or dangle your toes off the end of the dock while enjoying Mexico's warm sunshine. Whatever your idea of a vacation paradise, you'll find it ready for purchase in the Mexico market. Properties that would cost well into seven figures in the United States market can be had for a fraction of that if you have a good broker or advisor helping you find the right spots.

Mexico Beachfront House If you're an investor, you should know that while you're reading this, so are thousands of other people. Now is the time to get in on the real estate market and buy large undeveloped or partially developed land parcels. With a large, very mobile population of skilled and semi-skilled construction labor available, whether your vision is single-family homes or a large multi-unit development, it will be easily realized. Don't think of the Mexico of the past, where business was done very informally and often required navigating an intricate labyrinth of local, state and national laws, dealing with local bureaucratic roadblocks and other hurdles too numerous to mention.

Offer your vacation home in Mexico as a private rental property - A vacation trend that is becoming more and more seductive with families, group vacations and even corporations. Be it to live or retire in the future, Mexico today has recognized the value of foreign investment as part of a successful future, and you will find numerous enthusiastic sellers and real estate agents willing to make your transaction as smooth as possible.


Mexico condo
You won't find yourself limited, either by price or availability, to the backwoods or less-desirable areas. Perhaps Acapulco? Mazatlan? Mexico City? Cozumel or Cancun? You name the spot and you will find choice parcels available for much less than you would expect. While the legendary "cheap land" in Mexico is fast disappearing, compare value for value and you will still get a lot more bang for your buck in the Mexican market than just about anywhere else. It's never a bad time to buy in Mexico!

Mexico home
This is especially important if you're looking for a great place to retire. Why not invest some of your fastidiously saved retirement funds in real estate that will not only give you a great place to live and enjoy your golden years, but will be a great investment that your children and grandchildren will enjoy for a long time to come? Mexico is a stable country with an expanding infrastructure and a health-care system ready to attend to whatever your needs might be. Younger, older or anywhere in between, the opportunities in Mexican real estate are limitless. Whether your target is to live, retire or as a vacation getaway that would be available for occupancy 365 days a year, there has never been a better time to find your ideal spot!